Hi Everyone,

Group rates are contingent upon us reaching our minimum capacity, and in some cases are limited with a maximum capacity. We must reach our minimum capacity in order for us to participate. If there is a rarity that the event does not fill, I must cancel. If Happy Faces Group cancels the event, you will receive a refund. Activities and Summer camps must be paid in advance to guarantee your spot.

We completely understand that circumstances happen, however, on group rate events your commitment is similar to a concert ticket purchase – you are able to sell your spot (or even give it away) but we count on all the confirmations to ensure that our group rate is honored. If we have a wait list, then we don’t need to worry, and we will let you know that we have other families waiting to purchase your spot from you. Most events are confirmed 2 weeks prior to event date. Camps are confirmed as soon as you sign up. Most of the summer camps we use also provide camps through the City of Boca Raton. Therefore, payment from us is needed asap to guarantee our camp week. Our camps have a minimum capacity of 20 kids for our group rate price. However, some of our camps have a maximum of 40 kids. This is dependent upon having the proper child to counselor ratio.

We are allowed to bring a friend to an event (once) to experience the awesomeness of Happy Faces group. 🙂  All classes, events and activity payments are through our website via. Paypal. Summer Camps can be paid by check or cash without paypal fee. If participant signs up late, they will have to go through Paypal to participate. You must be a registrant of Happy Faces Group to take advantage of the summer camp savings. All Happy Faces Group waivers and event liability forms must be filled out prior to event or the participant will not be able to be included in event.

Happy Faces Group, LLC has a no Bullying policy. Membership will be revoked if there is a circumstance that can not be resolved. If someone is mistreated from our group, please inform Happy Faces Group.

During Camp weeks, A representative from Happy Faces Group will stay up to the first 1/2 hour of the day to make sure everyone is feeling comfortable, has checked in, and everything is running smoothly. I am a mom who knows how nervous we can be to send our kiddos off to camp. Rest assured, your kids are with a highly recommended camp and surrounded by many friends. Our Camp weeks/days are set up for our kids to be together. It is important for them to feel safe and know that they can rely on one another aswell.

Thank you all for being a part of Happy Faces Group and taking the time to read through this important information.

Karrie 🙂
Events coordinator
Happy Faces Group,LLC