We had such a great summer with Happy Faces Group! There was a nice variety of activities and camps that the summer was the most exciting yet! We were able to get special pricing as a group which made a typically expensive camp affordable and doable. My daughter can be a little shy in new situations and having the comfort of the group at each camp/activity made her feel at ease, comfortable and excited to go! I will definitely be using Happy Faces Group again. Thank you Karrie for such a great summer!
-Ashley Patterson

We can’t thank Karrie enough for the wonderful job she did coordinating events and activities this summer. There was a great range of activities to choose from at affordable prices. My kids absolutely loved spending time with their new friends at Happy Faces. I encourage other families to become members! Karrie gives this project her best and it shows.
-Catalina Lackner

It is truly breath taking how fast our children are growing up. We want our kids to have memorable summers, but we don’t always have the time to plan them. For this reason, we can’t recommend Happy Faces Group enough. Our children had a wonderful time with Happy Faces and the activities planned. They had a summer experience that was safe, affordable, creative, engaging, fun, and memorable. Thank you Happy Faces!
-David and Brittany Fredrickson

Our family LOVES Happy Faces! We have been involved with Karrie’s activities for 2 years. It’s a great to always have a week of things to do, at a BARGAIN price, no matter if it’s a sunny or a rainy summer week! We like that there is always a friend at any activity we attend. We also like the flexibility to schedule summer fun around our busy summer travel schedule! My kids Love Ocean Adventures Camp!!! They will be back next year! We also loved to do new things we’ve never tried before, like Jungle Queen Cruise and Surfing. Thanks for planning an awesome summer for us! We can’t wait to see the surprises you have planned for next year!!!
-Tawny Trefzger